Wikipedia Workshop & Editathon

Thesswiki continues with another workshop session, this time in the context of the exhibition entitled “Divided Memories 1940-1950. The distance between history and experience” powered by Goetthe Insitute in collaboration with the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki, the Macedonian Museum of Modern Art and the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin. This time, Thesswiki explores the cultural formations…

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the project

aims to digitize the history and culture of the city of Thessaloniki by the citizens themselves using the most prominent online encyclopedia in the world, Wikipedia, while interconnecting digital entries in the urban landscape. Thesswiki is a cyber-physical action, which aims to have impact on culture, education, tourism and e-government.  

Thessaloniki: Wikipedia City

The project will start by opening content currently available in galleries, museums, libraries and archives (GLAM-organisations) in Thessaloniki in order to cover notable sites, historical events, monuments, people and artists in as many languages ​​as possible. Thessalonians from around the world (including nationalities and communities who have had important historical relationship with the city, such…

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it all starts at Dimitria 2015

The project will be officially announced at the opening ceremony of Demetria Festival 2015, the most prominent annual cultural festival taking place in Thessaloniki in September 2015. During the one-month duration of the festival, first QR codes, will be mounted on monuments and street signage, specific activities interlinked to the Festival will be implemented, including…

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